Girl drama

Learn how to handle girl drama and build healthier relationships. Discover effective strategies to resolve conflicts and create a positive social environment.
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Relational aggression is a frequent issue for young girls and the school counselors that work with them. Teaching girls to handle conflicts, communicate effectively, and evaluate the kind of friend they are essential skills. Confident Counselors give some suggestions and resources for working on these skills.

Jessica Quaintance
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Years ago, I spoke to some fifth grade moms about teaching our daughters to build each other up. I'd just been to a University of Alabama gymnastics meet, and what stood out to me was how these gymnasts cheered as their teammates did crazy acrobatics. Every time a girl nailed a tumbling pass, her teammates went berserk on the sidelines, screaming and jumping up and down. All I could think was how different our world would be if girls could…

Kandee Cotton