Giant fish

Dive into the world of giant fish and get inspired for your next aquatic adventure. Discover the most fascinating types of giant fish and learn how to create the perfect environment for these majestic creatures.
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Jenna Gavin from Nova Scotia feasibly obliterated the International Game Fish Association’s female youth record for bluefin tuna by over 180 pounds, when the 12-year-old hauled a 618-pound fish from the waters of Northumberland Strait on October 7. Her massive bluefin could be the biggest fish ever caught by a girl between the ages of 11 and 16. According to a story from GrindTV, Gavin and her parents, John and Chandra, who own Giant Bluefin Tuna Charters, went fishing that day with one goal…

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Japanese Angler Lands Ghoulish Wolf Eel | Field & Stream Wolf Eel, Fotos, Animais, Animaux, Weird, Mare, Mutant, Animales, Dieren

As The Daily Mail Reports, a Japanese fisherman landed a monstrous, grotesque-looking deep-sea catch off the coast of Hokkaido, one of Japan's mountainous main islands. Tweeting photographs of himself struggling to support the weight of the massive fish, Hirasaka Hiroshi called the catch “super cool. ” The creature is believed to be a wolf eel, and Hiroshi noted that had flown to the island twice within the past three months to seek out strange sea creatures such as it. Wolf eels, which feed…