German stamps

Discover a wide range of collectible German stamps that showcase the rich history and culture of Germany. Start your philatelic journey and add unique pieces to your stamp collection.
5 reichspost. Big Blue 1840-1940: Germany: 1871-1921 Old Stamps, Rare Stamps, Vintage Stamps, Stamp Values, Postage Stamp Collecting, German Stamps, Vintage Postage, Post Stamp, Poster

1872 Scott 3 1/2gr red orange "Imperial Eagle with small shield" Quick History With the addition of the southern German States- primarily Bavaria, Wurttemberg and Baden, the North German Confederation morphed itself into a unified German Empire in 1871. Wilhelm I was declared German Emperor and the politically astute Otto von Bismarck was Chancellor. The Territory of Alsace-Lorraine was added as spoils from the Franco-Prussian war. German Empire (Deutsches Reich) 1871-1918 Prussia was still…

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