Geometric origami

Explore the world of geometric origami and create stunning paper art with these unique ideas. Get inspired to fold intricate shapes and designs that will impress everyone.
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Download scientific diagram | 3: Natural Folding Patterns: Illustration of Force + Matter: the geometric relationship between forces and fold patterns. From left: a) Yoshimura cylindrical compression b) Miura transverse planar compression c) Waterbomb conical compression d) Kresling rotational-twist-compression of cylinder e) Resch torsional compression of the plane from publication: ORI* On the Aesthetics of Folding and Technology | The art of oribotics involves a process of imagining and…

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There have been numerous installments of Math Monday on origami or kirigami of one mathematical form or another, but today is the first time we've covered a classic workhorse from this genre: the Sonobe modular origami unit. One of the simplest and most versatile of the modular units, there's so much to say about Sonobe that today we're going to start from the basics (parallelogram one?) and next time we'll take it to places I hope you've never seen it go before.

Christina Reif
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Modular Sonobe Origami Ball in blue, green, and yellow. Made from 270 sheets of 9cm x 9cm semi-stiff paper. There are 4 different shades of each base color (b, g, y). Each unit is handmade by me =) Diameter/Height - 9.5" (24.1cm) to 10.5" (26.6cm) Circumference - 31"(78.7cm) at narrowest to 34" (86.4cm) at widest Geometrically, this model is not a perfect sphere, but it is structured on a pattern of pentagons and hexagons (similar to that seen on a soccer ball). There is no glue or tape…

Aguayo Rivera
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Believe it or not, but these gorgeous geometric sculptures were created out of ordinary sheets of paper by artist Matt Shlian. Based on the principles of origami, the 'paper engineer' uses complex folding techniques to create waves of intricately proportioned protuberances, arising from a flat, wall-mounted surface in a visually arresting array of patterns and colors.

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Following on from last weeks blog (which you can read here), I'm going to show you another style of mosaic tiles. This one is a simple square tile that can be adjusted in different ways to produce different outcomes using the same simple base. I've made these tiles using double sided square origami paper, measuring 15x