Geode cake wedding

Elevate your wedding cake with a stunning geode design. Discover top ideas to create a unique and memorable geode cake that will impress your guests on your special day.
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Remember when geode cakes were all the rage? And remember the now infamous Vageode debacle that made us all laugh 'til we cried and forever tainted our minds so all we could see in most geode cakes were... well... Vageodes? (FUN FACT: That whole kerfuffle actually helped launch the b

Nicole Butterfield
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Mesmerizing Geode Cake Inspiration The geode cake is really a fun trend! It’s pretty amazing to see how candy rocks can create a “real effect” of geodes on the cakes. I’ve collected some cakes for your geode inspiration. Read on and be inspired! 😉 Dreamy Floral Geode Cake Simply gorgeous!! Real flowers always add WOW...

Tanya Clark