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Uncover fascinating details about your family history and lineage with the help of genealogy records. Explore the top resources to trace your roots and connect with your ancestors today.
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Make Instant Discoveries About Your Ancestors Here Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was an online research site that allowed you to easily search for records about your ancestors from repositories across the USA? One that linked to actual records that you could view online? Wouldn’t it be even more wonderful if that site was … How To Quickly Find Free Genealogy Records Through the Digital Public Library of America Read More »

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Record References Don’t waste time searching for records that don’t exist—these cheat sheets list available records and time periods. Here’s a list of the cheat sheets currently available in this category. Check back often as we’ll continue to add new ones. Naturalization Laws Timeline What laws might have affected your...

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These 30 free genealogy sites can help you search if you have European roots. Do you know where your ancestry is from? I know that my parents are from Puerto Rico, but I also know that the buck doesn't stop there. We have all probably seen and heard about shows or videos where random people are tested to see where their ancestors are from. They are always surprised at what they find. Wouldn't it be cool to be surprised just the same?

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If you're new to genealogy, you might be feeling overwhelmed. No need. Start with these entry-level genealogy records, and you'll be climbing your tree in no time. I've worked with numerous beginning genealogists, plus I was one 30 years ago. The following record types are the easiest to access and provide many quick wins while building your family tree. While it's tempting to explore all the hints genealogy websites offer, stay focused on these record collections first. Before we begin…

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