Gallbladder surgery

Learn how to have a successful recovery from gallbladder surgery. Discover helpful tips and advice to ensure a smooth healing process and get back to your normal routine.
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I had my gallbladder surgery right after Thanksgiving and I’m finally really to give you all the details. This is a common surgery and I was shocked when many of my friends, Instagram followers, and blog readers mentioned that they’ve had theirs removed also. I’ve been having GI issues for a while, but for the...Read More »

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I have been struggling with digestion issues for over a year now. I had been putting off going to the doctors, for fear it was all in my head. After most things I ate, I was plagued with chronic bloating and stomach ache. After months of complaining, my husband finally made me go to the digestive and liver disease specialist. We did a few test with blood work, endoscopies, and ultra sounds. We found an excessive amount of sludge and polyps in my gallbladder raising some concern. The polyps…

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