Galaxy book

Discover the powerful features and sleek design of the Galaxy Book, Samsung's flagship laptop. Find the perfect laptop for your needs and unlock endless possibilities with the Galaxy Book.
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The M1 chip was a technological wonder at the time of its release. Sure, it did kind of cheat with performance benchmarks because of software optimization. But, at least we witnessed the birth of heavy duty all day laptops. The M2 carries on the legacy, observing power-efficient performance curve, achieving even more performance while consuming […]

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra for Designers – What to expect from Samsung’s Next Big Thing - Yanko Design Samsung, Android, Smartphone, Ipad, Samsung Device, Samsung Tabs, Ipad Pro, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung S9

Although Apple's name takes the lion's share when it comes to discussions about product design in consumer electronics, Samsung's devices also do get some time in the limelight, though not always in good ways. It's nearly time for the company to unleash one of its worst-kept secrets of a phone, but designers might want to