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Need a laugh at work? Check out these funny work memes that will make your day a little brighter. Share the humor with your colleagues and make the office a happier place.
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This Instagram account is all about sharing hilarious jokes and memes for all the desk-bound poor souls out there.

Mary Cudz
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While every job has its ups and downs, the nine-to-five grind sure does hold its challenges. Just picture the petty bosses, the daunting piles of work, and the never-ending whispers by the water cooler that confront you from the moment you step foot through the front door. Well, sometimes all you can do is have a look at a broad range of hilarious memes to get you through the day.

Pat Lampron
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Workplaces and offices are their own ecosystems. And, frankly, it can be a real jungle in there, dear Pandas. Among the forests of cubicles and the plains of open-space hot desks, in between the towering water coolers and coffee machine islands, you’ll find the natives. They’re industriously typing away on keyboards and working so hard, they’re making their mice squeak. They’ve exchanged cozy bonfires and the sounds of nature for warmly-glowing screens and headphones full of strange sounds…

Denise Bledsoe