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Funny Joke: A Greek and an Irishman were sitting in a Starbucks one day comparing their two cultures.   Over a double latte, the Greek mentions, “We built the Jokes, Starbucks, Humour, Greek Quotes, Funny Greek, Greek, Irish Men, Joke Of The Day, Debate

Over a double latte, the Greek mentions, “We built the Pantheon, you may recall, along with the Temple of Apollo.” “Well, it was the Irish that discovered the Summer and Winter Solstices.” replied the Irishman. “But it was the Greeks who gave birth to advanced mathematics.” “Granted, but...

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This is the first part of the 2-part series about common Greek idioms. Read Part 2 here. Have you ever tried to translate an idiom from your native language to someone? The translation sounds surreal, doesn’t it? Yet, you use this idiom very often in your native language without even noticing h

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