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The Poem Farm: Shell Teeth - The Private Eye | growing poetry and lessons for all ages...  This poem could be used to teach children to write from drawing or to teach children about metaphor - mini lessons are always included at The Poem Farm, Amy Ludwig VanDerwater's ad-free, searchable blog full of hundreds of poems, poem mini lessons, and poetry ideas for home and classroom - Quotes, Reading, Humour, Sayings, Wisdom, Rhymes, Ocean Quotes, Beach Quotes, Words Of Wisdom

A Sketch and Notes by Amy LV Students - Today's poem came from a drawing and a bit of thinking that came from the drawing. Above, you can see a shell that I drew. I was looking through a jewelers loupe, trying to draw as accurately as I could. Then, I took a few notes about what the shell made me think about, what it reminded me of. I asked myself the Questions from Kerry Ruef's book, THE PRIVATE EYE: What does it look like? What else does it remind me of? Why is it like that? Why did it…

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