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Bite Me: Packaging Insults Chewers as They Grab a Piece of Tooth-Shaped Gum — Colossal

“Your breath is horrendous.” Pink and red packaging by Zoe Schneider resembles a mouth and taunts users each time they yank out a tooth-shaped piece of gum. With flavors like Black and Blueberry, Citrus Smash, and Pummelmint, the antagonistic product is aptly titled “Bite Me.” Schneider is a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. You can follow her humorous designs on Instagram and Behance. More

Tyson Schenk
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Play Brew Co Uses Illustrated Characters To Keep It Fun

The illustrated characters that are featured on each can of Play Brew Co’s limited-edition release are pure fun. Each character has a distinctly 70s, 80s, and 90s wardrobe, and have the stance of someone who is relaxed and ready to, well, play. The bold color-schemed used in each can make these beers pop off any […]

Napich P.
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Fruite - Packaging Design Concept

For this personal project, I designed a modern and joyful look soap box for kids. Four different illustration represents each fruit. I also have inspired by the cheerful image of kids, so I designed in colorful and sweet look, to give an attractive impres…

Noonnoy Nnt
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Goshen Coffee Rebrand Finds Balance In Maximalism

The irreverence is shining on Goshen’s packaging system designed by TOKY. The brand’s name, a mashup of the words “Good Shit Energy,” combined with the magnificent typography and glowing color palettes, creates a packaging system that absolutely stands apart from the masses. While the system leans into maximalist cues, there’s still plenty of white space […]

Luane Simões
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A Very Local Brew Fuses Elevated Design With A Warm Approach

Can packaging design be both exclusive and warm? Studio Ingrid Picanyol’s work for Dalston Coffee proves that the answer is absolutely. The Barcelona coffee shop required an updated packaging system that aligned with its current branding, and Studio Ingrid Picanyol delivered. The sweet, simple design is straightforward yet implements a playful color palette, quirky illustrations, […]