Frosting for cookies that hardens

Enhance your cookies with delicious frosting that hardens perfectly. Explore top frosting ideas to create beautifully decorated cookies that will impress everyone.
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This is the perfect recipe for making buttercream frosting for cutout cookies that sets and hardens well making it easier to stack and transport the cookies

Annelise Brokaw
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I recommend using a crusting buttercream when decorating buttercream sugar cookies. This allows the buttercream to form an outside crust, giving them a bit more protection from getting accidentally squished. This is essential if you plan to transport these cookies from your house to another location or if you want to stack or seal them.

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The best homemade Sugar Cookie Frosting. Creamy frosting made in minutes to spread or pipe, that hardens too. And it tastes amazing!

Mia Wilson
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This Easy Sugar Cookie Frosting Recipe is based on my favorite vanilla buttercream. It's fluffy and creamy, and comes together in 10 minutes.

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