Fried hot dogs

Satisfy your cravings with these mouthwatering fried hot dog recipes. Discover unique ways to elevate your hot dog game and make your taste buds sing.
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The tastiest way to cook hotdogs!

Possibly the best way to cook hotdogs! What you’ll need: Hotdogs 1 Tbs butter Water Pan Flame or Electricity First, put your hotdogs in a pan and fill with water until the water is 1/2 way up the hotdog. I like to use Nathan’s. I read a review saying they are the best and I think they may be right. I really don’t like a thick skin on my hotdog so these are great. Simmer hotdogs until all the water evaporates. Move the pan around a few times to roll the dogs so they cook evenly. You should…

Lenette Serlo