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Uncover the secrets of your future with free tarot cards. Explore a wide range of tarot card readings and get insights into your life's journey. Luna Somnia Tarot Deck with Guidebook & Box - 78 Cards Complete Full Deck - Moon Dreams Starry Celestial Astrology Witchy Black Gold Divination Tool : Toys & Games Astrology, Sterne, Witchy, Celestial, Basteln, Divination, Box, Luna, Tarot

LUNAR THEME ✦ The magical Luna Somnia Tarot Deck (Latin for Moon Dreams) brings together traditional imagery inspired by the symbolism of the classic Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck, combined with celestial and astrological symbols, to help you connect with your cosmic spirit, to channel your intuition, and to bring you guidance from universal source. INCLUDED ✦ Your order will include the complete 78 card deck (Major and Minor Arcana) 2 instruction cards, a tarot-sized mini guidebook (96…

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FREE Printable mini tarot deck Download Hello - and thanks for coming! The exciting news is that the FREE "Share the Magic" mini major arcana deck has now been released! This cute themed deck is a colourful 23 card miniature major arcana deck plus accessories (see below for details). Subscribe to the newsletter using the form

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Here's a free download with a complete set of cards to start reading Tarot. Below I've also included a smaller version for journaling or carrying around. The files consist of the 78 Tarot cards ready to print and cut out, in PDF format. You may print them on Photo Quality printer paper and maybe even...

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