Football player girlfriend

Get a glimpse into the personal lives of your favorite football players and their stunning girlfriends. Discover the beauty and romance behind the scenes of the game.
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The story where Italian model Amara Bianchi has a rather fateful yet unpleasant meeting with Spanish footballer Pablo Gavi. At first she thinks he's a horrible person but with time she begins to develop feelings for him. She thinks he feels the same after time but then something changes. Was it ever worth it?

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There was a girl and a boy they grew up with each other, inseparable quite literally. The two of them were best friends and once they turned 13 years old the girls parents told her she was moving, her whole family was moving and she was heart broken the two were soon torn apart. they stayed in touch for awhile before they somehow lost contact, soon the girl found the boys social media again and decided she wanted to surprise him after years of being separated at his football game.