Food gifts wrapping

Elevate your food gifts with these creative and beautiful wrapping ideas. Impress your loved ones with unique packaging that adds a special touch to your delicious treats.
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I am all about presentation! Whether that’s with receiving a package from a company or giving a gift. I believe that how something is packaged really enhances to feeling behind receiving it. Of course it’s quickly tossed away the wrapping and labels, but there is something about that first few seconds of receiving it and […]

Meredith Lanford
DIY Packaging Ideas to Upgrade Your Handcrafted Products Gift Packaging, Gift Tags, Packaging, Gift Wrapping, Favor Packaging, Gift Bag, Kraft Bag, Gift Bags, Creative Gifts

What's more amazing that a well crafted handmade product? How about when it's gorgeously packaged! I love it when a product is packaged so perfectly you can't even open it. Or when the packaging is so inspiring that you need to save it. Here are some great ideas for all you handmade makers that are

Angie Ritchie