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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of folk tales. Explore a rich collection of traditional stories and discover the timeless wisdom they hold.
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‘An enchanting treasury of magical tales handed down through the ages. Infectious and soul-stirring, these are stories crying out to be shared.’ – Ben Hoare, award winning wildlife journalist and nature nerd Have you heard the tale of Black Annis, the witch-demon that lurks beneath a Leicester housing estate? Do you know the legend of […]

Lisa Mcewan
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Storyteller is storïwr in Welsh. The old word is cyfarwydd. And this book is a sneaky peek into a storyteller’s repertoire. Meet the rowdy mermaids and drowned lands of Cardigan Bay, an ancient tree with a door into the otherworld, and the wise old toad who lives in Borth bog and knows everything. Discover a […]

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From caverns deep underground to sky-high mountains, the rocks and stones all around us are ancient. Greedy oni lurk in a cave in Japan; a stonecutter becomes a mountain; and a story of romance, revenge and tragedy plays out on the face of a plate. Revealing hidden fossils, gemstones, folklore and secrets, storyteller Jenny Moon’s […]

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