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Discover the latest and most thrilling flying toys that will take playtime to new heights. From drones to remote-controlled helicopters, find the perfect flying toy to bring joy and excitement to both kids and adults alike.
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FlyNova mini drone spinning and flying like a UFO. When you play it alone, throw it out upwards 30° forward and wait it flying back like a boomerang, then catch it. You can also play it with some partners, one throw out and another one catch it. Advise play the Flynova flying toy in a large space, such as outside on the lawn, avoiding hard walls and floors. Colorful LED lights are designed to emit bright and colorful lights when flying, which are really cool. Advise 8 year old and up play…

Ina Nemsiwveridze
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Kids love playing with this flying butterfly toy. This is an arts and crafts project to make a butterfly toy that will really fly up to 15 feet up in the air. This is for older kids as it is too difficult for younger kids to master...although they can with some supervised guidance from an adult.

Pe Di

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