Finger gym

Discover a variety of finger gym activities that will keep kids entertained and help develop their fine motor skills. From sensory play to creative exercises, find the perfect activities to engage little fingers.
Finger Gyms Fine Motor Exercises. Exercise little fingers each day with a specific classroom rotation to practice fine motor development using everyday objects that you already have in your house and or classroom. The Sped Connection Guest Blogger at Mrs. D's Corner. Preschool Fine Motor Skills, Fine Motor Activities For Kids, Motor Skills Activities, Gross Motor Skills, Toddler Activities, Learning Activities, Sensory Activities, Physical Activities, Ppcd Activities

Fine Motor exercises are an important part of any child's curriculum and learning experience. Learning how control your hands and refining those hand muscles help a child learn how to do important, every day life skills like feeding, wiping, zippering, and tying shoes. Enter Finger Gym.

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Before I start... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! I know it seems a little sad to be writing a blog post on Christmas day, but I have been so preoccupied looking up finger gym activities the last few days, I thought that if I finally put it together it would relieve a bit of tension (not sure exactly how but I will try!) It is about now that new graduates are starting to get the jitters - "Where do I start?" One really important aspect of learning in an Early Years classroom is fine motor…