Ferret hammock

Give your ferret the perfect place to relax and play with these cozy and comfortable hammock ideas. Discover top designs that will keep your ferret entertained and happy.
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While your ferret will spend plenty of time outside of its enclosure, it is likely that he will spend hours each day inside of it. For this reason, you want to make him as comfortable for him as possible. One way to do this is by providing your ferret with ... Read More

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Rat hammock 5-piece set. Ideal for rats, ferrets, and sugar gliders. About us: We make and sell small animal accessories like rat hammocks and use the profit to donate to small animal rescues. For each set you purchase, another critter will be warm and cozy. *No cage clips included* Rat cage set includes: 1x Tunnel Hammock 1x Honeycomb hammock 1x Cube Hammock 2x Corner Hammock This rat hammock set is made from durable elastic, fleece and extra soft snuggle flannel. Machine washable on…