Feather anatomy

Discover the intricate structure and functions of feathers. Learn about the different types of feathers, their role in flight, and how they help birds stay warm. Dive into the world of feather anatomy and gain a deeper appreciation for these remarkable natural wonders.
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feather, the component structure of the outer covering and flight surfaces of all modern birds. Unique to birds, feathers apparently evolved from the scales of birds’ reptilian ancestors. The many different types of feathers are variously specialized for insulation, flight, formation of body contours, display, and sensory reception. Unlike the hair of most mammals, feathers do not cover the entire skin surface of birds but are arranged in symmetrical tracts (pterylae) with areas of bare skin…

Misheel S.N
Peregrine Falcons: Feathers

Hillary of Hilliard by Chris & Chad Saladin With the winter in the Northern Hemisphere temp is way below zero. While we are all nice and cosy indoors, our peregrine falcons stay outside. High up towers, churches and other buildings they do not seem to care about ice cold winds. Our peregrine falcons are birds of prey and need to kill in order to stay alive. Especially now they need loads of rich food. Birds are warm blooded. In general, this means that they maintain their body temperature…

Kimmy Higginbotham