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Embark on epic quests and conquer mythical realms as a fantasy adventurer. Discover top ideas to bring your heroic fantasies to life and create unforgettable adventures.
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First part of my work for Gamestart Edizioni and their project "Fantasy World Creator". This is their Facebook page: and the kickstarter page: If you like and play Dungeons & Dragons you should definitely take a look! Ballpoint pen + Photoshop

E.M. Moon

She opened her eyes, it was dark she couldn't see anything.Y/n felt someone is staring at her. She felt a warm breath hitting on the side of her neck before she passed out again. Who is it? What will happen? jungkook x reader #1- jeonjungkook #1- kimtaehyung #1 - parkjimin #1 - jungkookff #1- kimnamjoon

Megan Wilkins
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Let's don't have to worry anymore we'll find the answer, we do it together...let's fly, you and me.Yuki Yuki (Yuuki in the Japanese version) is a headstrong boy who idolizes the legendary pilot Schmidt, aiming to be the second pilot to fly across the ocean, like Schmidt. He dreams of flying; his time meant for training to become a potter has been spent instead on building many planes with varying degrees of failure. His father remains as of yet unknown. As with the past four Grandia…