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Discover the magic of fairy tail cats and find inspiration for your own mystical feline companion. Explore top ideas to create a whimsical and enchanting atmosphere in your home.
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Natsu and the Dragon Egg! is the 20th episode of the Fairy Tail anime. After Natsu and Happy quarrel, Lucy meets with Mirajane and finds a picture of the Fairy Tail guild members from 6 years ago. Mirajane tells Lucy the story of that picture, but leaves Lucy wondering who Lisanna is. Natsu and Happy take Lucy fishing, in order to help clear her head so she can continue writing her novel. She questions the motive for fishing as Natsu winds up catching a big fish. He then uses his flames to…

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Happy The Cat from fairy tale | Custom Plush: Happy (Fairy Tale)

Just finished up a commission for a character Happy (Fairy Tale). I don't really know much about the series, never really saw it before now, but the character was rather cute so I was excited to work on him. The general shape was pretty easy it was all the little details. Like the stomach, face and the mark on his back. The mark on his back was actually the most difficult, because of the level of detail. I ended up just using heat 'n bond to keep it down then applique it. I ended up just…

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Oración Seis Appears! is the 53rd episode of the Fairy Tail series. The Allied Forces heads towards the site where the Oración Seis is, with the hope that Blue Pegasus' Magic Bomber: Christina will help them succeed. However, Angel infiltrates them and learns of their plans. As Christina is shot down, Oración Seis makes themselves known and fights the Allied Forces. Wendy Marvell enters the room, and everyone is shocked at the sight of her. They are distrustful of her young age, and, as they…

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