European polecat

Learn about the habits and characteristics of European polecats, including their diet, habitat, and behavior. Discover interesting information about this elusive mammal and its importance in the ecosystem.
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The polecat is one of our most popular animals with the visitors we have, I think this is due to their very playful nature, curiosity and perhaps familiarity too as they do very closely resemble the domestic ferret. But it hasn't always been perceived in this way in the wild. They once had a very bad reputation for being blood thirsty animals and were considered vermin, with the term "foulmart" often used as a derogatory name for someone. Because of this gamekeepers would intentionally trap…

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The European Polecat (Mustela putorius), also known as the common ferret, black or forest polecat, or fitch (as well as some other names), is a species of mustelid native to western Eurasia and north Morocco. It is of a generally dark brown color, with a pale underbelly and a dark mask across the face. Occasionally, color mutations, including albinos and erythrists, occur. Compared to minks and other weasels – fellow members of the genus Mustela – the polecat has a shorter, more compact…

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