European jay

Explore the fascinating characteristics and behavior of European Jays. Learn about their habitat, diet, and unique features that make them one of the most captivating bird species in Europe.
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White-throated Magpie Jay

The White-throated Magpie Jay is similar in size to our European Magpie. They have a wide range that stretches from Mexico to Costa Rica. It is gregarious and often travels in flocks of 5 – 10 birds. They are noisy birds that will mob their observers. The White-throated Magpie-Jay has an average length of 20 inches, with its long tail accounting for about half that length. Its upperparts, including the wings and much of its tail, are blue/blue-grayish in color. The underparts are white, as…

Eurasian Jay - eBird Eurasian Jay, Black Mustache, Wing Pattern, Free Id, Bird Tables, Jay Bird, White Wings, Woodland Forest, Pink Bird

Eurasian Jay - eBird

An inhabitant of woodland, forest, parkland, and gardens with larger trees, especially oaks. Note stout black bill, thick black mustache, and black-and-white wing pattern with a patch of blue on the shoulder. White rump usually obvious in flight. Varies significantly across wide geographic range. Typically rather shy and difficult to see well, but sometimes feeds out on open ground; often seen flying across roads. Wide vocal repertoire: typical call a dry “scaaaaak,” as well as varied…

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