Ethnic chic

Transform your home into a haven of ethnic chic with these inspiring decor ideas. Discover how to infuse vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and cultural elements to create a unique and stylish space.
Boho western tribal necklace - a cowgirl statement necklace from Her Lovely Bones jewellery Bracelets, Western Jewellery, Buffalo, Boho Jewellery, Boho, Western Jewelry, Wild Girl, Boho Hat, Boho Western

The Western and tribal jewellery trend is the must-have look this season. Are you a white hat cow-gal or a black hat wild-cat? Everyone is suddenly going western, and the time to choose is your new look is now. Ever fancied yourself a character from Westworld, the television hit that put the focus straight onto wild girls in cowboy boots riding horses in their tight jeans and fringed suede jackets? Or are you more of a mystical tribal girl wearing feathers and flowing dresses, harking back…

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