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Experience the thrilling conclusion of Fairy Tail with unforgettable moments and surprising twists. Join the adventure and discover how this beloved anime series comes to an epic end.
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Perhaps you can surpass me... try... Natsu. Or should I say... Etherious Natsu Dragneel.Zeref Dragneel revealing the true name of E.N.D. Animus: Now I see. I know who you truly are... Neither human nor dragon... You're the Destroyer of All, E...N...Natsu: Who cares?! It doesn't matter what you call me... Because I'll throw it all away... If it means that I can save my friends!(Animus focuses the energy from a series of Magic Circles onto himself)Natsu: If I didn't have them by my side... my…

Amari Powell
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Everyone is excited for the Dragon Mating Season. Including Lucy, Levy, and Romeo. While the Dragon Season is starting three guild members start acting different. More specifically, Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy. No one really notices at first until there behaviors change drastically and not all for the better. As Lucy, Levy, and Romeo soon come to realize, they are in a lot more danger than they ever expected. (Warning: a lot of shit happens and you need to read carefully to understand some…

Shazzy Tong
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It's been two years after you got Natsu back the guild went back to its normal self. But what happens when mating season comes around? While Natsu be able to control his other side or will it take over? They both love you but one just wants to fuck you and the other loves you and cares for you. Y/n = your name H/c =your hair colour F/d=favourite drink Hi this is my first story it was actually made by my cousin but because she didn't has wattpad she asked me to post it for her which I think…

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