Embroidered bracelet

Enhance your style with these beautiful embroidered bracelet designs. Find unique patterns and colors that will add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Get inspired and create your own stunning embroidered bracelet today.
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Made from deadstock ribbon, felt and embroidery yarn, with a mix of traditional stitches forming tiny flowers and leaves - each one totally unique. Finished with a lobster claw fastening. My inspiration and influences have come from lots of sources but especially the Japanese design style of “Zakka” – a celebration of humble things, taking something simple, adding a little and appreciating the joy it brings. This would be a great gift, for a gardener, maybe for a creative friend or as a…

Vintage Revisited
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Here I show you how to create the felt bracelet I have been teaching. It is a great way complete an easy project in a short time, so a quick and satisfying little thing to make, and can be as varied as you like ... experiment with different coloured felts and threads, and a variety of hand embroidery stitches ... even the simplest stitches look effective. I am so influenced by folk art embroidery so it was an obvious choice for a workshop/tutorial. It is perfect for children learning to sew…

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Are you looking to add some flair to your style? These handmade embroidery bracelet is the perfect gift for you or your friend! These cuff bracelet is adjustable bracelet. The bracelet in diameter is around 2.75 by 2.36 inches (70 *60mm) , the stitch area of the bracelet is 0.39 by 6.69 inches (10 * 170 mm) These are handmade by me in my workshop at my beautiful home with passion for the world of flowers. I hope you will enjoy it. This listing will be updated with my new pieces with the same…

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