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Transform into a snow queen with these enchanting Elsa outfit ideas. Discover the perfect costume to make your fairy tale dreams come true.
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Queen Anna

Princess (later Queen after her coronation) Anna of Arendelle (also simply known as Anna) is one of the two main protagonists of the Frozen franchise (along with Elsa). She is the princess of the kingdom of Arendelle as well as the younger sister of Elsa. In the original movie, Anna's motivation is to find her sister, Elsa, and reconnect with her to stop a fearsome curse that turns the kingdom of Arendelle into a frozen wasteland. She teams up with Kristoff, the mountain man, his loyal…

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Elsa, jay jackson

I got the pleasure of working on Elsa for the "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" Christmas special. I was responsible for all of the look dev and grooming. Her dress was a challenge- we ended up using xgen to create every little hair to get the genuine velvet feel. The fur around her collar and gems probably took the longest though...I did a timelapse to show the dress progress. Noone works in a vacuum though, thanks to the rest of the amazing team that helped with this character.

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