Elizabeth i

Explore the life and reign of Elizabeth I, one of the most influential monarchs in English history. Discover the secrets behind her powerful rule and lasting legacy.
Queen Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen Tudor History, Anna Boleyn, Ratu Elizabeth, Tudor Monarchs, Elizabethan Era, Istoria Artei, Reine Elizabeth, Mary Queen Of Scots, English History

Queen Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen

With her huge, dramatic collars, ghostly pallor and flaming curls of red hair, Queen Elizabeth I’s image is etched in royal history. Trained from a young age to see power and strength in public image, she cultivated a persona that was both pure and powerful. Unwed and without children, she portrayed herself as the chase,...

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Queen Gertrude Character Analysis ... Rainbow Portrait, Tudor Dynasty, Tudor Era, Royal Collection Trust, Hampton Court Palace, Mary I, Hampton Court, Cleveland Museum Of Art, English History

Queen Gertrude Character Analysis (Hamlet)

Analysis #1 Gertrude is a character in the Shakespearian play Hamlet. She is the mother/aunt of Hamlet, and she is also the wife/ex-sister-in-law of King Claudius. In the play, Gertrude demonstrates many characteristics and traits as the play progresses. She is a very caring character when Hamlet is thinking about going back to Wittenberg for…

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