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Boost your child's elementary ELA skills with exciting and interactive activities. Discover top ideas to make learning English language arts enjoyable and effective for your little learner.
Adventures of Teaching: Choice Board I can see turning this into engineering/invention spins for cross curriculum writing assignments! Teaching, Student Choice Boards, Student Choice, 3rd Grade Writing, Choice Boards, Teaching Writing, Teaching Language Arts, School Year, Choices

My 3rd grade ELA team has been doing amazing things lately! I've decided in order to post blogs about the great things we are doing--I must make my blogs short but meaningful! :) I am hoping that by doing this, I can blog more often! So here it goes... We are revamping the way we are doing our interventions for our kids (a blog for a different time.) Anyway, we needed some enrichment activities, without the dreaded question every week of..."what do we do now?" So we decided to create a…

Dawn Rountree