Elderly caregiver

Learn essential tips and strategies for providing high-quality care as an elderly caregiver. Find resources and support to help you navigate the challenges of caregiving and improve the quality of life for your loved ones.
Caregivers work hard to take care of their elderly loved ones, and these 6 things can cause them a lot of stress. #elderlycaretips Personal Hygiene, Caregiver, Signs Of Dementia, Family Caregiver, Elderly Caregiver, Elderly Care, Dementia Care, Mental Health Illnesses, Verbal Abuse

Someone you know has just taken on the role of caregiver to an elderly person. What do you say? Should you say or ask anything? It may not seem like this would be a life changing event for a person, so why does your friend/sibling/colleague/professor etc. seem so caught up in what they are doing? Well. It is a life changing event. And you may notice the impact as you see the caregiver less, or hear them speak of their caregiving duties more often. If you are wondering how to talk to them…

Sandy Lollis