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Discover soothing and melodic easy listening music to help you unwind and destress. Explore top artists and songs that will create a calm and peaceful ambiance in your daily life.
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This is a continuation from Part 1 The aim is to get to a point to be able to read the following piece: Seeing how written music maps to the piano extremely well, leads me to believe that modern sheet music was invented first for the piano (or maybe the piano was invented with sheet music in mind... Who knows???). This sheet music to keyboard mapping is so intuitive that it is the logical place to start (at least in my opinion :P) Step 2 (Marching forward) We will begin with the grand staff…

Sonja Smith
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What’s coming on Neon Music’s Playlist? There are too many amazing and creative artists out there creating masterpieces and while it’s easy to add songs to our playlist and leave it at that, it doesn’t do the music artists enough justice. We would like to give you a little preview of the tracks on coming on […]

Joudana Mohamed

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