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Gauges \(^-^)/

Sup. Ok, so a few things people do. It's disgusting. So, stop. 1. Those things people put in their earring holes, or wherever else. Gauges? Make me vomit. I can handle if it's part of your emo/punk/alternative style.. whatever.. and if they're like the size of a penny or smaller (and if your tribe does it in Zimbabwe). Like this.. But anything bigger than that. No thank you. My mom and I were at the mall once, and the guy at the cash register had gauges in his ears. Like, the size of…

Nathalie Rojas
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Getting your ears pierced can be exciting, but it's important to learn how to properly take care of them so your piercing continues to look good. Learning how to treat your piercing, when to clean it, and how to avoid infection are all...

Angie Stewart-Kimball
Living With Nickel & Iron Oxide Allergies: Piercing Safety, Allergic Reactions, & Infections Piercing, Ear Piercings, Diy, Tattoos, Home, Infected Ear Piercing, Ear Infection Remedy, Ear Infection, Itchy Ears

Certain factors may increase your risk of developing a nickel allergy Having ear or body piercings. Because nickel is common in jewelry, nickel allergy is most often associated with earrings and other body-piercing jewelry containing nickel. If the first jewelry you wear after a piercing contains nickel, your body is constantly exposed to the metal during the healing time. And people who have piercings often wear jewelry every day. The more piercings you have, the greater your risk of…

Pam Schmidt Chemical Minimalist