Drywall installation

Learn how to install drywall like a pro with our step-by-step guide. Get expert tips and tricks to achieve a flawless finish for your walls and ceilings.
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This article walks you through the 'Do's and Don'ts' of drywall installation. It will help you avoid seven common mistakes people make when tackling their drywall projects. Enjoy the foibles of our enthusiastic but sadly misguided drywall installer as he shows you the right way and the wrong way to get the job done.

Cassandra Mouris
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Installing ceiling drywall (or sheetrock) is a very simple process, and with the right info, you'll be able to manage it in a snap. If you make the right preparations and install your drywall in the correct procedure, you should have no...

Andrew Noble
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Choosing the Right Shower Base for the Space You need a shower pan for your next retrofit or remodel project. Great! But as you’re scrolling through endless product websites online, you realize this: there are so many options to choose from. Where do you start? To help you comb through the options, here’s our guide for …

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In this article we will go over the 5 levels of drywall finishing plus one of the levels that no one ever finishes a job with. We also answer common questions that drywall finishers ask.

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