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Unleash your creativity with these unique and engaging dragon craft ideas. From paper dragons to dragon masks, explore fun projects for all ages and bring a touch of mythical magic into your life.
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This fire breathing dragon made from a toilet paper roll is an easy kids craft that uses simple craft supplies. When you blow into the end of the tube the tissue paper looks like flames coming out of the dragon's mouth! Fire Breathing Dragon Craft Add this activity to your crafty bucket list, because it's SO MUCH FUN! And it's ridiculously simple to make. Kids, toddlers and preschoolers will love to see the dragon blowing fire! The photos make me smile, just looking at them. Watch the Video…

Michele Steitz
Rotten Smelly Dragon Jars with Tutorial - Nichola Battilana                                                                                                                                                                                 More Diy Crafts, Crafts, Home-made Halloween, Diy, Mason Jars, Diy And Crafts, Craft Projects, Jar Crafts, Crafty

This wasn't the tutorial I had planned for gslcuts.com this month. A string of unfortunate events led to my planned project to sit in a state of disrepair. What's a girl to do? Scramble! If you visit this blog often, you'll know I came up with these rotten smelly dragon jars about a week ago. I was planning a tutorial in the future, but circumstances put a 'RUSH' on those plans. The Dragons Shape Set used is pretty handy. There are two designs in three sizes so you can create a both quart…

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Create a magical dragon from one paper plate. Inspired by the brand new series, Dragons: Race to the Edge, by the creators of "How to Train Your Dragon," due to be released on Netflix soon, the kids and I created our very own dragon puppets! Using a single paper plate as the base, decorate your dragon with paper collage, paint, fabric scraps or whatever takes your fancy. Materials for basic dragon: Paper plate Scissors Pen Stapler/tape Materials for decorating (optional): Paint Fabric/paper…

Kristina Buskirk | Toddler Approved

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