Dracula castlevania

Immerse yourself in the thrilling tale of Dracula and his eternal battle against the forces of good in the legendary Castlevania series. Discover the epic story, iconic characters, and intense gameplay that have made Castlevania a timeless classic.
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ژیان بە شێوەیەک قورسە ھەنێجار وا ھەستەکەی قورسای زەوی لەسەر دڵی تۆ کۆبۆتەوە وە ھەنێجار لە جەنجاڵیو قەرەباڵخیەکی گەورەیا ھەست بە تەنھای ئەکەی چونکە ھیچ کەس بۆ تۆ نییە وە لەگەڵ تۆ نییە ھاورای لەگەڵم !؟ من ھەموو شتێک ئەکەم بۆئەوەی تۆ ئەم ھەستانە تاقی نەکەیتەوە ........................... تەنھا متمانەم پێبکە ................... کۆتای ھاتووە ⚡️

Ale Jimenez
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Count Vlad Dracula Tepes is the main antagonist of the Netflix animated series Castlevania. He is the immensely powerful lord of all vampires, possessing advanced scientific and magical knowledge but withdrew from the world out of disillusionment towards humanity. Eventually he met and married a human woman named Lisa who convinced him to share his knowledge with her so she could help people, hoping to show Dracula that humanity isn't beyond saving. However Lisa's wrongful death at the hands…