Downtown las vegas

Experience the unique energy and excitement of downtown Las Vegas. Discover the best attractions, dining spots, and entertainment options that this vibrant area has to offer.
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Downtown Las Vegas is the historic centre of Las Vegas, where the entire idea of "Las Vegas" was born. And yet, this part of town is oft forgotten in place of the glitz and glamour of it's southern, younger more popular sister. But in recent years Downtown Las Vegas has seen a boom of popularity, and people are more and more choosing to venture up to DTLV (as it is now conveniently called) to seek out the origins of the city and the alternative scene found out there.

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Usually when you are a local, you avoid the touristy areas of town as much as possible. Us "Vegas Locals" avoid touristy sites like The Strip, Hoover Dam, and Grand Canyon, but Downtown is different. Every time my friends want to go out or celebrate a birthday, Downtown is where we go time and time

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