Doll house dolls

Find the perfect doll house dolls to bring your child's imagination to life. Create a world of endless playtime fun with a wide selection of adorable dolls that your child will love.
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Having accidentally fallen into the world of doll's houses when buying a present for her new baby, self-confessed interiors nerd Lucy Clayton found herself thoroughly hooked. Here she recounts her family's journey through their first (but not last) miniature design project, complete with architectural advice from Ben Pentreath, roof repairs by a real builder, and pints of champagne on the dining table

Anna Cooper
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I had decided a while back that I was going to make my Niece a dolls house type suitcase thing. I just wasn't sure how to attempt it or whether to make a doll or buy one. Then I came across Cloud Tree Crafts on Instagram and the decision became a lot easier. Karen creates the most beautiful handmade CE tested toys including a very cute bunny rabbit that I thought would be perfect. I also saw she did a wolf and pig and since my little man is obsessed with the three little pigs

Nancy Wilson