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Discover the best Dodge pickup trucks for your next adventure. From rugged capabilities to innovative features, find the perfect truck to tackle any terrain.
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These early Dodge pickups with the dual engine hoods area beautiful and interesting. This Dodge is solid, but is in need of mechanical help. The head has been pulled off of the block and the engine is rusty now, so one would be looking at a rebuild, or an engine of their choosing. Bidding has...

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This 1933 Dodge HC31 pickup truck is a welcome respite from the sea of still existing Ford Model A trucks. This example is a good basis for a redo! #DodgeTruck Chevy Trucks, Dodge Trucks, Trucks, Model T, Dodge, Ford, Ford Models, Dodge Truck, Classic Trucks

Dodge! Today, with its limited line-up, it speaks muscle. And while a high-performance component has been part of Dodge's DNA for years, they made regular work-a-day vehicles, both cars and trucks, for generations. Early 1930's Ford Model A trucks are a regular topic here on Barn Finds but a similar era Dodge? Not so much....

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