Diy tiny doll

Discover fun and imaginative DIY projects for creating your own tiny dolls. Get inspired to make unique and personalized dolls that will bring joy to children and collectors alike.
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A Tiny Rag Doll Sew Along

On 'Knitty Hittys' a group I am on this month there is a 'Tiny Rag Doll Sew Along' which I thought would be fun to join in as I had made one only last month (can be read about by clicking here ) Initially I thought I would make up a kit to take with me, but in full procrastination mode, with regards to what I SHOULD be doing, I of course wanted to start one straight away. This time I wanted to try making a boy. This proved much harder than I had anticipated - it is NOT easy at all. It is all…

Heather M. Knight
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How to make worry dolls

As a child I used to love my Guatemalan worry dolls, I still do. My mom told me to whisper my worries to the dolls and they would fix them for me. It always seemed to work. Now I'm older I realise that this is because I'm actually verbalising my problems instead of keeping them to myself but as a kid I thought it was the dolls working their magic. I still have my dolls, but for a while I've wondered if I could make my own. On Pinterest there were a lot of tutorials to make them with cocktail…

Beth Colwell