Diy peter pan costume

Learn how to create your own Peter Pan costume with these simple and affordable DIY ideas. Whether you're dressing up for Halloween or a costume party, these tips will help you bring the beloved character to life.
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My oldest son decided that he wanted to be Peter Pan this year for Halloween, so today, I am sharing the tutorial for his DIY Peter Pan Costume. Didn't it turn out cute? I started by making a Peter Pan tunic out of a green t-shirt from the dollar store. I used tape to mark where I wanted to cut, and then I cut zig zags from the sleeves and bottom of the shirt. Then, I cut a slit for the collar and pinned it down. I also cut zig zags out of the bottom of a pair of green shorts I found on the…

Cheyenne Ogden
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This DIY Peter Pan costume was a combination of storybook inspiration, trial & error and quick impromptu alterations due to dropping temperatures! I originally set out to make a fleece bodice in the shape you see here covered in layers of felt leaves. After completing the leaf layers on the front, I realized that it was just too bulky for my lil' 2.5 year old. With already having too much time and care invested into the front, I transformed my bodice into a jacket by turning the front into…

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