Diy outside cat house

Give your furry friend a cozy outdoor retreat with these creative DIY outside cat house ideas. Build a comfortable and secure shelter for your cat to enjoy the outdoors.
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One winter, I noticed a stray cat shivering in my yard. It broke my heart to see it like that, so I decided to build an outdoor cat house. At first, I had no clue where to start. I searched online for free DIY outdoor cat house plans. I found simple designs that required minimal tools and materials. It was all about providing warmth and shelter with what I had at home. Choosing the right plan took some time. I wanted something sturdy yet easy to make. I ended up using an old wooden box, some…

Rachel Kline
This video shows a short tour of this couple's kitty cabin, which has two levels and plenty of natural lighting. We see the exterior and interior of the house, which is air-conditioned and has plenty of room for the cats to explore. The video explains that the cats already lived at this property before the couple moved in, so they made this space for them. #cats People, Outside Cat House, Cat House Plans, Heated Outdoor Cat House, Outdoor Cat House, Outdoor Cat Shelter, House Heater, Outdoor Cat House Diy, Cat House Outdoor

Cats love to climb. Unfortunately for people with their own feline friends, this means that nearly anything on the table or a shelf is fair game! We've all had things knocked down or glassware that was broken when our kitties decided to explore. Wouldn't it be great if the cats had their own established space

Jen Johnson