Diy bluetooth speaker

Create your own Bluetooth speaker with these DIY ideas and step-by-step guide. Enjoy the satisfaction of building your own speaker and listen to your favorite music wirelessly.
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60W DIY BLUETOOTH Speaker 48h Runtime: I wanted to make one speaker that suits my needs and not spent little fortune on the new branded one. I wanted a speaker that can play music for a long time and to play that music LOUD.(and also, not to look crappy :) ) So I used speaker from an old…

Miguel Purihuaman Risco
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Portable Bluetooth Speaker | Carbon Black: Hi! I have recently built a Portable Bluetooth Speaker for my brother's Birthday, so I thought, why not share the details of it with you guys? Feel free to check out my video on YouTube of making the speaker! : Portable Bluetooth Speaker Bu…

Abel Garcia
INSANELY Loud 150W Bluetooth Speaker Boombox: 16 Steps (with Pictures) Diy Subwoofer, Bluetooth Speakers Diy, Bluetooth Speaker Box, Bluetooth Speakers Portable, Diy Bluetooth Speaker, Stereo, Speaker, Speaker Box, Speaker Plans

INSANELY Loud 150W Bluetooth Speaker Boombox: Hello everyone! In this Instructable I will show you how I built this insanely loud Bluetooth speaker! A lot of time has been spent on this project, designing the enclosure, gathering the materials and parts of the build and overall planning. I have…

Alan Tom
Make Your Own Simple & Cheap Portable Bluetooth Speaker : 5 Steps (with Pictures)

Make Your Own Simple & Cheap Portable Bluetooth Speaker : In this project I will show you how to build a simple portable bluetooth speaker that can play its tunes up to 30 hours continuously. Most of the used components can be found for only 22$ in total which makes this a pretty low budget project. Let's …

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DIY Bluetooth Speaker With Powerbank: Hello Guys, In this instructable, I'm making an awesome Bluetooth speaker. which also has an inbuilt power bank feature. That means you can also charge your phone and other gadgets using this Bluetooth speaker. So let's make this awesome 2in1 Blueto…

Jazz M
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AMPLFY - Ammo Box Portable Speaker! : Do you want to know how to build the best portable speaker, which looks great and sounds even better? This portable speaker will out perform most portable Bluetooth speakers on the market. This speaker is perfect for fishing, camping, the beach, wor…

Hugh McLeod
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Portable Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker With 7" Screen: Hi! Thanks for stopping by and checking this project of mine. This time I decided to build a wireless portable Bluetooth speaker that also has a multimedia screen built into it. Not only does this speaker looks cool with the 7 inch screen integrated…

Karl Abrahams