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Explore top diving schools that offer beginner-friendly courses to help you start your underwater adventure. Find the perfect diving school to learn and explore the wonders of the ocean.
The complete checklist for dive travel. Use this packing list for your scuba diving trip so you don't forget anything at home. Snorkelling, Aqua, Scuba Diving, Lunges, Travel Packing, Trainers, Diving, Packing List For Travel, Scuba

You probably already know there are many reasons to be a scuba diver. You travel, meet new people, see marine life... But you also need quite a bit of gear and when you travel you don't want to forget anything back home. Are you planning to go on a dive vacation or liveaboard trip and not sure what to bring? No worries. Here's our packing list to make sure that you don't leave anything behind! SCUBA EQUIPMENT Now that airlines have drastically reduced passenger's baggage allowance, the…

Kirsteen Donaghy
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Luckily for some of us, we spend our days under the water, in a more peaceful, relaxing environment, nothing but a few people and a whole lot of space. So next time you ask yourself, what’s the next new, adventurous thing I should do, look no further then freediving. Overpopulation isn’t the only re

Michael Valdez
Diving places in Lithuania: from sunken ships to deep lakes Disney, Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Diving Tank, Best Scuba Diving, Scuba Diving Tank, Diving School, Shore Excursions, Diving Gear

Every diving enthusiast knows the best spots for diving near the Red Sea or the Mediterranean Sea, as exploring the colorful corals is one of the best activities there. But have you ever thought of diving in Lithuania? This idea can sound crazy as we do not have any corals, and the Baltic Sea is not proud of shining clear water. But there are some diving places in Lithuania that can become a real adventure for the bravest ones and the professional divers. So, here they are - diving places in…