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Transform into a magical Disney fairy with these enchanting costume ideas. Explore the world of fairies and create a whimsical look that will bring your favorite characters to life.
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Silvermist (b.March 3rd) also known as Sil by her friends, is a Water-talent fairy. She acts quite differently between the books and the films. In the books, she is calm, practical and thoughtful, said to almost never cry. In the film series, she is spacey and strange to the point of utter cluelessness. In Tinker Bell (2008), Silvermist serves as the main deuteragonist. She is first seen at the arrival of Tinker Bell at the start of the movie. Silvermist, along with Tinker Bell's other…

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Tinker Bell, also nicknamed Tink or Miss Bell, is a Tinker-talent (also called pots-and-pans-talent) fairy and the main protagonist of the Tinker Bell movie series from 1 to 5. Tinker Bell is present in all medias from both Disney Fairies and Tinker Bell franchises. Her first appearance outside the Disney Fairies franchise was in Peter & Wendy (1904). In Tinker Bell (film), Tinker Bell began her life when a baby laughed for the first time on a winter's night. The laugh was carried on a…

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Fawn (b.September 14) is an animal-talent fairy. She is one of Tinker Bell’s primary friends in the movies (and star of the final film in the franchise). She is fluent in almost all animal languages and is considered one of the best of her talent. Fawn serves as the secondary deuteragonist of the first four films. In Tinker Bell Fawn is first seen at the arrival of Tinker Bell, where the places the egg charm if Animal would have been her talent. Fawn, along with the others, tried to help…

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Queen Clarion (formerly known as Reina and also nicknamed Queen Ree in the books) is the kind and wise ruler of Pixie Hollow. According to her profile in Pixie Hollow Online, this is because she is a "Queen Talent." Queen Clarion has lived longer than any other fairy or monarch of Pixie Hollow.[1] Despite her great wisdom and power, she doesn't seem to take her queenly royal station too seriously. She is loving and approachable but can be firm when she has to be. It has also been said that…

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