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Take our directions test to assess your navigation skills. Find out how well you can follow directions and improve your ability to navigate in any situation.
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I totally cannot take credit for this bookmark idea. This fabulous strategy was shared with me by a coworker who learned about it at a balanced literacy workshop. Shoutout to whoever started this – you are incredible! During my conferences with students during our reading block, I have been using neon index cards to make ... Read More about Bookmarks with a Purpose

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interesting exercise on the importance of following 5th grade teacher gave us this test and I remember over half the class failed! Word Problems, Following Directions, Following Directions Activities, Study Skills, Follow Directions Worksheet, Listening And Following Directions, Middle School Lesson Plans, Directions Test, Communication

...or not! Here's what we did in class today. This lesson never gets old, NEVER! :) (Please excuse the quality of these photos. I had used the Print Screen option to make this show up.) Any of you actually follow the directions? I had 2 kids in my 1/2 block (of 32) who did what they were supposed to. The rest of the class simply untied their shoelaces, crawled under their desks, spun around a few times and failed to carefully read the assignment. Regardless, this task always creates great…

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First grade worksheets are a valuable resource for young learners to practice following directions. These worksheets provide engaging activities that effectively challenge children to comprehend and execute instructions independently. Designed to cater specifically to the needs of first graders, these worksheets cover various subjects, including math, reading, and writing, ensuring holistic learning. With these interactive worksheets, teachers and parents can help their first graders develop…

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April Fool's Direction Quiz

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