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Immerse yourself in the world of mystery and suspense with these captivating detective novels. Discover thrilling plots, complex characters, and unexpected twists that will keep you guessing until the very end.
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Detective novels are such a great genre of books, filled with with quirky private investigators, dark back alleys, sultry heiresses, and shocking villains. I fell in love with Agatha Christie novels early on when I was young for reasons I don’t entirely understand, but I’ve loved detective novels ever since. Most of the authors on ...

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This gender-bending Sherlock Holmes series is completely clever and best read in order. Charlotte Holmes has never been comfortable with high society’s expectations for well-bred women, so she hatches an escape plan. By posing as Sherlock Holmes, Charlotte uses her incredible intellect to solve mysteries and secures the freedom to live as she pleases. When her family falls under suspicion for a series of London murders, Charlotte puts her skills to work to find the real killer and gathers…

Kristi Gordon

A MINIMALIST SUMMER PICK. Perveen Mistry is Bombay’s first female solicitor, employed by her father’s respected firm. When her father’s Muslim client dies, he is tasked with executing the will, but the three devout widows “stay behind the veil,” and must not be seen by men. When the duo discover irregularities in the estate documents, Perveen resolves to speak with the widows, because—as a woman—she’s the only one who can. Perveen is determined to protect their interests, not just because of…

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You can write a detective story even if you're not a detective! All you need is a vivid imagination and some solid research to make your detective believable. Here are some tips for writing a detective story when you're not a police detective.

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