Dash and dot

Explore the world of coding and robotics with Dash and Dot robots. Engage your child with interactive and educational activities that promote creativity and problem-solving skills.

Teach kids how to program with Dash, Cue, and Dot – award-winning robots that make coding fun using apps on iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and Laptops.

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"Hey, Mistew Dicken." "Yes?" "Can I dwive that wobot?!" The smallest and youngest little boy (usually unengaged, and without a single care in the world) in my kindergarten class was beyond excited. I had just introduced my kids to Dash & Dot, Wonder Workshop's pair of blue and orange robots, designed to help teach young kids the concepts of coding. I showed them a YouTube video to announce that we would be getting a pair of the robots for our classroom. Clearly, the video had created a buzz…

Karen Garrett

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